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How can I tell if my pool has a leak?
Simply fill a bucket with pool water and put it in the pool so that the water level of the bucket and the pool are the same. If the water level in the pool is lower than the water level in the bucket after one week, you probably have a leak. This method is relatively reliable, because the condensation behavior is the same in both tanks.

What can I do if I have algae?
Usually, algae is not hazardous to your health. A lab should analyse your algae, because it can produce substances that could irritate the skin or eyes. Although algae might not present a health risk, it can make the water cloudy and your pool look dirty, thus negatively impacting your pool enjoyment. Your constant chemical cleaning can reduce the amount of algae in the pool. If that does not help, you should contact a professional cleaning service. Click here to buy Algaecide from our online store. Further information on Algaecides can be found here.

How can I reduce my fresh water consumption?
Many systems require you to change the water, even though the water quality is still very good. Automatic systems are able to analyse and reduce your consumption, but many modern filter systems are so effective that the water has to be replaced much less frequently. Please take a look at our Dosing Systems here.